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Audiometru Path Medical SENTIERO ADVANCED...

SENTIERO ADVANCED with bilateral ABR for both screening and diagnostic testing, frequency specific ABR incl. tone burst, High-, Mid- and Low Chirp Includes PATH insert earphones, shielded electrode cable, bag of 30 electrodes, manual, charger, USB cable, carrying case and MIRA PC SW.

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Electrozi Path Medical

Electrozi Path Medical Set de 30 bucati, ambalate individual.

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Set olive pentru ureche Path Medical

Setul contine 14 marimi, cate 10 olive din fiecare marime.

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Timpanometru Path Medical diagnostic...

SENTIERO DESKTOP with Multifrequency Tymp and Reflex, ETF.It’s a fully featured class 1 tympanometer and includes multifunctional tymp probe, MIRA PC SW, headphonesDD45, 2 ear tip starter kits, manual, USB cable and charger. Delivered in cardboard box. Please note: theunique dual use probe is included in this set - for all OAE upgrades only license...

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